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Ep 59 – Grand Theft Theatre, Identity

Happy winter listeners! We hope this finds you well and rugged up. This month we discuss ⁠Pony Cam’s Grand Theft Theatre⁠ and the shows that have left an indelible mark on us. Intermission chatter plugs the HBO show ⁠Barry⁠ (better than Succession? you decide!) and the Music Viva ⁠International Chamber Music Championship⁠. Our second act is the Australian Ballet’s double bill ⁠Identity⁠. An odd pairing we couldn’t wrap our brains around. Our Coming Soon recommendations are ⁠This is Living⁠, ⁠An Uprising of Dreams⁠, the ⁠Women’s World Cup⁠ and hyper local video store documentary ⁠Rainbow Video⁠.

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