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Ep 54 – Paul Yore (ACCA), Lele

Hello Aislers! So lovely to be in your ear buds again. This episode we experience the visual, aural, spiritual and psychological immersion of Paul Yore’s Word Made Flesh – a comprehensive retrospective of his work at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. In intermission we chat summer drinks and our love of dance works, and the practice, now we are all emerging from our Covid cocoons. Our second act is Lele at the exciting Neighbourhood Contemporary Arts Festival. We are taking a break for the summer but will return in February with another morsel for you. Enjoy and stay safe <3.

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  • Produced and recorded by Carla Donnelly and Philip Thiel
  • Theme composition Mark Barrage
  • Sound editing by Shackwest
  • Cover image of Paul Yore: Word Made Flesh installation view by Andrew Curtis
transcript under the cut