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Ep 31 – Priscilla, Dragged

Happy Midsumma! This months episode celebrates all things queer and DRAG. Carla and Philip go and see two very different drags shows – the development separated by 20+ years but still very similar in sentiment. The reboot of the musical Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and the brand new play Dragged by Tasmanian playwright Andy Aisbett. Both shows raise lots of discussion on class, ockerness, Australianisms, gender philosophy and tiny cocktail umbrellas. Just when you thought you never wanted to hear It’s Raining Men again off we go!

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Ep 9 – FOLA, Georgy Girl

In this episode of Across the Aisle Carla and Philip go to North Melbourne Town Hall for the Festival of Live Art’s “Town Hall Ticket,” and also Her Majesty’s Theatre for the Australian musical “Georgy Girl.”

Update: Georgie Girl famously took the wooden spoon for worst show in our end of podcast “Aisles” awards.

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