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Ep 32 – Hir, Good Muslim Boy

Happy Easter! This was recorded back on the Labour Day long weekend but is still as fresh as ever. This month the gang talk cycling in Melbourne, Queer Eye, Philip finds out what MAFS means and all our MQFF and Comedy Festival tips. But more importantly our shows for this month are Taylor Macs Hir at Red Stitch and Good Muslim Boy at the Malthouse. We also propose 3 months of activism to get new listeners for the show by the end of our 3rd season (can you believe we have been going for 3 years?!). 1. Review and rate our podcast on iTunes it helps people find us 2. If you know someone who would like our show please tell them or help them to get a podcasting app and add us. You can also post about us on your social media! 3. Please vote for us in the Australian Podcasting Awards! (last day to vote is tomorrow March 31st). Thanks for listening! Sign up to our mailing list if you would like to get our hot tips for the month ahead (link on our FB).

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