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Ep 58 – I Liked it But…, Happy Days

Happy days are here again, or are they? This month we head to Little Creature’s in Geelong for an education in contemporary dance (and pizza) with Joel Bray’s ⁠I Liked it But…⁠ and do a rare mission to the MTC to see Becketts absurdist tragicomic provocation ⁠Happy Days⁠. In Intermission we discuss our favourite Little Creatures moments, ⁠Loaded at Malthouse Theatre⁠ and ⁠Sydney Dance Company at Geelong Arts Centre⁠. Recommendations for Coming Soon are ⁠Clarice Beckett at Geelong Gallery⁠, ⁠Shadow Spirit at Rising⁠, La Mama’s new festival ⁠Explorations⁠ (featuring ⁠Pony Cam’s Boobs in Space⁠) and ⁠Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition⁠. Please tell a friend about our show today! <3 Carla, Philip and Ron. 

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