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Ep 26 – Nightdance, Credentials

HELLO. We are up to date with the launch of our August episode! Covering Nightdance by Melanie Lane at Arts House and David Williamson’s new work Credentials at La Mama, two very different works that we felt beautifully book ended the spectrum of work we can see in Melbourne. We don’t often cover dance on the show but it’s something we would like to keep looking into. The gang discuss their MIFF2017 highlights (surprise Phil love the gay Catholic SM nature film and Carla loved the Pioneering Women stream) and in coming soon we discuss the problematic programming of Taylor Mac* for Melbourne International Arts Festival.

* (Carla) I wholeheartedly apologise for using the wrong pronoun for Taylor Mac. Taylor Mac prefers to use the pronoun judy which I should have researched before talking about the upcoming show.

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