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Ep 52 – Shadow, Give Me Pity!

Across the Aisle attends MIFF! Phil reporting deep from the trenches of all the pleasures of MIFF (queues, choc tops, darting from one venue to the other) and Carla from her loungeroom on the Surf Coast annihilated on edibles. Films covered are Back to Back Theatre’s award winning Shadow – a luscious celluloid imagining of their stage plays that “wonders whether an AI-led near-future society will further disenfranchise the disabled community” and the gloriously deranged Give Me Pity! starring Sophie von Haselberg as Sissy St. Clair in her first Saturday Night Special – ingenue, entertainer, demonically possessed.  We also chat cinema going (how do you do it?) and what is Coming Soon. Enjoy!

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  • Produced and recorded by Carla Donnelly and Philip Thiel
  • Theme composition Mark Barrage
  • Sound editing by Shackwest
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Ep 16 – Lady Eats Apple, War and Peace

In this Melbourne Festival episode, Carla and Philip take in Back to Back Theatre’s “Lady Eats Apple” at Hamer Hall and Gob Squad’s “War and Peace” at the Malthouse. Plus intermission banter about other Festival experiences. What does the Festival feel like under its new Artistic Director? And what should we all do in November? Thanks as always for your support of the podcast.

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